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12 Things every lady should carry in their purse/bag.

Today we wish to look at the essential items that you as a lady need to have in your purse or handbag that can come in handy. Today’s woman is all about class and beauty. This comes with a lot of daily planning.
Your purse or handbag is your secret quick fix. The problem we discovered is that most ladies forget to have the essential quick fixes in their purses. Life is filled with unexpected moments. We live in the moment and you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way. See your purse as a toolkit.

This comes in handy as you need to stay healthy and free from germs. This will help eradicate germs from the hand on the go. This way you will not have to worry about getting sick at all and be healthy. A good place to start is SPAR store.

It is good for a lady to smell nice always. Some perfume worn from home may not last long. Stress of the day might also wear off the lovely perfume smell you had on. You can get a favourite rollerball perfume which can be in your purse/bag to use at any time.

It is good for a lady’s breath to smell fresh at all times. If you have any of these, you would not need to worry about bad breath.

It is recommended to have a hand lotion especially in dry months or if you have dry palms occasionally. You can keep it soft and lovely.

It is recommended to have this item in your purse to keep your lips wet and also add live to its texture and look radiant. SPAR store has a section for beauty accessories if you do not know.

It is a good practice to have a phone charger in your bag/purse especially on those days when you forget to charge your phone overnight!

Things like comb, hair band, hair tie and so on is good to have to keep your hair tidy and organized.

Some ladies do not keep this. Sometimes, you get your monthly flow unexpectedly and this can be messy atimes. We recommend you having these so as not to be taken unaware.

Even if you don’t have enough time to put on makeup in the morning, just putting on a little bit of concealer makes a huge difference.

Sometimes, a person’s day can go from sweet energetic day to sluggish or hectic day due to headache.

Having aspirin or pain relief tablets can be a moment saver as you can bounce back to having a productive day.

Having a mini hairbrush at hand can help you put your hair in shape as sometimes the hair does not look as nice as it was during the start of the day. This can help keep your hair nice and neat.

This is very important. You need money to be in your bag at all times. You want to transport, pay for an item, or for a service. Imagine the disgrace that might occur when you don’t have money to pay for certain things and you have to call someone to save you from the impending doom that may occur when you can’t afford to pay.

It can be seen that by keeping these in your bag, you will be better prepared for anything that comes your way!

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