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Christmas is just a few weeks away and most times people the same last-minute purchases. We have decided to share some tips you’ll need to know so that you can make to take the stress out of your holiday shopping whilst saving as much money as possible.


Create a shopping list

When making your list of items you need to buy, list them by order of importance. This will put the “must find” items at the top so you can first focus on finding them as you visit the store. When you get there, walk to that department first to find the item you want.


Set out early

The sooner you set out to the store the more likely you will get to what you want before it is sold out. So set out early and shop your list before it gets late.


Have a Back-up plan

Always have a back up plan as there are instances you may not find the exact product you need due to the number of people shopping. Add a second choice item or product to your list, just in case you can’t find the one thing you really want.


Wear Face Masks

Health professionals recommend people wear face masks when in public places as this can help reduce the risk of transmission of the virus as the Virus is spread by droplets that can spray into air when those infected talk, cough or sneeze. Also, there are strict measures in place at store to allow only those with face masks in, so be prepared ahead with your masks on!


Leave the kids at home

Although your kids may want to come with you, you’ll thank yourself that they’re being taken care of at home while you’re spending hours in line throughout the day. Plus, due to the coronavirus pandemic the amount of people allowed in stores at a time will be controlled. This also saves you the stress of having to answer so many questions and even spend more as kids are quite persistent and inquisitive. So Leave them with your spouse or a friend and just enjoy your shopping day.


Don’t miss out on the SPAR Christmas Sales happening on the 10th – 3rd January 2021, as there will be massive discounts on thousands of products at all SPAR outlets nationwide. 

Wishing you a happy holiday and a Joyful New Year.

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